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Slides lec 9: from Integration of Renal Mechanisms for Regulation of Body Fluids to the end are not included.

📍Sheet 9

page 5  : fine- toning  ➡️fine- tuning 

page 7  : In both A and B we don’t rely on Na+ /K+ ATPase but rather on ATPase activity of the proton pumps themselves   

page 12 :The diuretic after a while reduces blood pressure and thus increase aldosterone → increase secretion of k resulting more depletion of potassium in blood     

📍sheet 10+11

Page 8 : ammonia instead of ammonium (edit)

Page 10 : -which means H+ add to the blood. (Add)

-from H+  titrated by bicarbonate in TF,but rather with other buffers in TF.(edit)

📍Edited slide (male reproductive)

Slide 12 : seminal vesicles secretion [the pH is from (6.7 – 8]. So tend to be more basic (alkaline secretions)]  Alkaline secretion instead of acidic secretion